Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How To Get Your SWA Ultimate Account For FREE

Do you want to get your own Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate account for FREE, without having to write 25 blog articles? Read on…

It’s easy! Simply refer three (3) people who want to join SWA Ultimate.
They will each deposit P2,500 to the BDO bank account of Mr. Chaves (owner of SWA), and then they will send the following to
  • Scanned image BDO Bank Deposit Slip
  • Location of BDO Bank Branch where deposit was made
  • Their Full Name
  • Their Email Address
  • Preferred SWA Username – We suggest firstnamelastname (Ex. juandelacruz)
IMPORTANT: Patrick Gino will be the one who will register each of them online.
The SWA Admin will then verify their three P2,500 deposits/payments, and within 2 business days will activate their SWA Account.
After we get confirmation that those 3 accounts are activated, we will then register a SWA Account for you. It will be activated within 1 business day.
What You and Your 3 Friends Will Get
  • Online Marketing Training courtesy of Team Manny Viloria ($197 value)
  • Automatic Video+Email Marketing System ($997 value) – just plug it into your blog. Easy!
  • We will promote your blog online ($97 value) – Your blog will be featured in our blog, so that you gain more exposure and site visitors.
Are you ready? Please send a message to

Special thanks to Manny Viloria.